doypack packaging machine
doypack packaging machine

Bossar BMK-1400-L-STU-1CV

Just used 6 months
include valve


Doy-pak the Bossar submachine gun (Bossar) with ease will pack sauces, mayonnaise, mustard, condensed milk into the package the doy-pack ice with the angular cap. Also in this package it is convenient to pack up liquid soap, liquid laundry detergents, shampoos, alcoholic beverages, any liquid products with pieces and without.

Brand       : Bossar

Condition : Used

Spec : Download PDF


Manufacturer       : Bossar
Year                      : 2010
Model                   : BMK-1400-L-STU-1CV
Location              : Turkey (Our Warehouse)
Inspection           : Available
Information         : Don’t need overhauling (renovation)

Bossar Doypack Packaging Machine Video