Nagema Type EB1
Nagema Type EB1

Nagema Type EB1 Chocolate Wrapping Machine

Capacity output: 60-80 pcs/min. depending on size and wrapping material

Hot glue spray bonding for outer paper: Robatech (Switzerland brand) or valco melton (USA brand)

Size Range: min. 110 x 35 x 7 mm, max. 155 x 80 x 10 mm, the dimensions make preparations by changing separate molds for its dimensions.

aluminium inner wrap cut from the reel
envelope outer wrap from the stack

power required: 380 V, 3 kVA,
inner paper : Aluminum foil
outer paper: Coated piece paper and wraps it
space required: 2950 x 2450 x 1400 mm high
weight: 1250 kg

Brand       : Nagema

Condition : Used


Manufacturer       : Nagema
Year                      :
Model                   : Type EB1
Location              : Turkey (Our Warehouse)
Inspection           : Available
Information         : We offer the overhauling (renovation)

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